Charging scheme

Surrey County Council charging scheme information

While the majority of items can be brought to the community recycling centres for free, certain types of non-household waste that cannot be recycled now incur a cost.

Construction waste includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rubble, bricks and concrete
  • Earth, soils including turfs
  • Bathroom suites, i.e. baths, sinks and toilets
  • Fitted kitchen cupboards and work surfaces
  • Plasterboard and room partitions (plasterboard is only accepted at Camberley, Earlswood, Epsom, Guildford, Sunbury and Woking)
  • Garden sheds
  • Fence panels and posts
  • Internal and external doors
  • Radiators
  • Garden stone (paving and ornamental)
  • Tiles
  • Fitted units
  • Rigid plastic sheeting or roofing
  • Roofing materials
  • Insulation
  • Flooring

What are the charges for?

The charges are for:

  1. Tyres from cars, motorcycles and all other motorised vehicles (including non-motorised vehicles and trailers pulled by a motorised vehicle): £5 per tyre or part tyre.

  2. Waste from construction, alteration or repair of your home and garden including:

  • Breeze blocks, bricks, rubble, soil, stones, ceramic bathroom fittings, tiles: £4 per bag or part bag of this waste (Bags no bigger than 50cm x 77cm)
  • Concrete fence post, ceramic bath, cistern, paving slab: £4 per item
  • Plasterboard: £4 per bag or part bag or per sheet of this waste (Bags no bigger than 50cm x 77cm and sheets no bigger than 120cm x 240cm). From 4 December 2017 the cost per sheet of plasterboard will increase to £12.

If these materials are loose, a charge of £50 will apply per car load.

For a full list of chargeable items and costs, please visit the Surrey County Council’s website

Payment can only be made by credit or debit card and will need to be made before you are given access to the chargeable waste containers.

Surrey County Council does not allow construction waste to be brought to community recycling centres in vans, pickups or trailers. This type of waste may only be brought to the site in a car. Please refer to Surrey County Council’s construction waste page to find out why the Council restricts this type of waste.

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