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From 1st April 2016 there will be changes at Surrey's community recycling centres

Changes at Surrey's community recycling centres

From 1st April 2016 there will be changes at Surrey's community recycling centres

Opening hours
All CRCs will operate slightly reduced hours which will be the same all year round:

  • Weekdays - 8am to 4pm
  • Weekends - 9am to 4pm

Opening days
Ten centres will continue to open seven days a week.  The remaining five will close on one or two days:

CRC Day(s) closed Alternative sites(s)
Bond Road, Warlingham Sunday and Monday Horley Road, Earlswood or Chaldon Road, Caterham
Ranmore Road, Dorking Tuesday Randalls Road, Leatherhead
Chaldon Road, Caterham Wednesday Horley Road, Earlswood
Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh Wednesday Petworth Road, Witley
Bourne Mill, Farnham Thursday Petworth Road, Witley or Slyfield Industrial Estate, Guildford

Non-household waste
Non-household waste (plasterboard, refillable gas bottles, tyres and rubble) will not be accepted at the following seven CRCs:

CRCs that won't accept this waste Nearest alternative site(s) that will accept this waste
Bond Road Warlingham, Horley Road, Earlswood
Bourne Mill, Farnham Petworth Road, Witley or Wilton Road, Camberley
Chaldon Road, Caterham Horley Road, Earlswood
Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh Petworth Road, Witley
Lyne Lane, Chertsey Charlton Lane, Shepperton
Ranmore Road, Dorking Randalls Road, Leatherhead
Swift Lane, Bagshot Wilton Road, Camberley

In the summer of 2016 charges for these types of waste will be introduced at the other eight CRCs:

Charlton Lane, Shepperton
Wilton Road, Camberley
Martyrs Lane, Woking
Blenheim Road, Epsom
Randalls Road, Leatherhead
Petworth Road, Witley
Syfield Industrial Estate, Guildford

Once the charging system is introduced there will be a free allowance of one 25kg bag of rubble per visitor, per day.  Please note there will be no free allowance for tyres, refillable gas bottles and plasterboard.  Further details will become available nearer the time, including the exact date that this charge will be introduced.

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